CoShield Alcohol Spray

CoShield Alcohol Spray

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Our CoShield antibacterial spray is highly effective at killing more than 99% of the common cold, flu and other viruses. Our alcohol spray comes in a handy 500ml spray bottle.

✔ Safe on hands and skin

✔ Suitable for surfaces and car interiors

✔ Colourless transparent liquid

Availability & specifications may vary between regions


Size: 500ml/16.9fl oz
Ingredients: 75% ethanol, 25% water


FDA Certified

CE Certified

Certification may vary between regions.

Ingredients: 75% ethanol alcohol, 0.5% acryclic acid polymers, 0.5% trolamine, 24% water (This may vary between Regions)

Made in: United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, China, New Zealand

Availability may vary between regions.


  • FDA Certified
  • CE Certified
  • MSDS available
  • NDC

Certification may vary between regions.

The CoShield Advantage

✔ Supporting local/regional businesses and manufacturing partners creating a reliable supply chain.

✔ Meeting quality standards, fully certified products creating a trusted brand.



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